1 Fred Isaac

Head Coach Claringbold on Fred :

Fred ‘Frisaac’ Isaac played three seasons for the Centurions. Fred, at the time of writing, is the only Centurions player to have been selected to represent his country for the GB Lions. Fred was also the team President in his final year. Joining the Centurions from the East Kent Mavericks youth team Fred was an instant starter at Linebacker. Fred always played the game at a high level and was asked to play multiple positions during his time with the Centurions including offensive line, running back and defensive end. Fred is extremely football savvy and along with his athletic ability its easy to see why he played the game to such a high level that the nation team took interest.

Linebacker, Defensive End

 Height: 6’2

 Weight: 209 lbs

 Date of Birth: 27/01/92

 Studied: Chemistry

 College: Tonbridge School

 Time as a Centurion: 3 years

 Interesting fact about Fred: He was a member of the GB Student American Football team whilst being a Centurion