56 Dualtagh Franklin

Head Coach Claringbold on Dualtagh:
“Dualtagh joined the team in his first year of university and played three years for the centurions as a Defensive Tackle. The coaching staff quickly noticed how difficult it was to block him. A horrendous combination for offensive lineman of quickness and power in a compact frame, Dualtagh started every game he was healthy for. If you looked up ‘tenacity’ in the dictionary you’re likely to find a picture of Dualtagh. He never gave up on a play, even when it was the other side of the field to him. He could often be found making a tackle of a receiver who had caught an out breaking route. Dualtagh was a pleasure to coach and a pleasure to have on the field. (Despite having an impossible to spell name)”


Positions: Defensive Tackle/ Defensive End
Height: 5’10
Weight: 202lbs
Date of Birth: 19/07/1994
Studied: Psychology
College:  St Simon Stock Catholic School, Maidstone, Kent
Time as a York Centurion: 2 years
Interesting fact about Dualtagh: He broke the record for recovered and forced fumbles in a single season earning the nickname ‘Truffle Hunter’