Game 3: Centurions @ Cougars

York were set up for the first away game against Teeside, a team they had not played in almost four years. News that the intended pitch for game was unusable filtered through the Centurion ranks as the bus made its way there. The game went ahead on a pitch that seemed little more than concrete covered in a thin, green, sandy carpet. Nevertheless the Centurions took to the field with a number of rookies and back ups in the lineup, illness and unavailability plagued the starters.

Teesside came out and ground the ball up the gut on several plays but gained precious little in doing so. Their backfield looked more like an Offensive line than their actual line did. York’s Offence could not get anything going either and as Teesside’s play calling dared them to pass, the Centurion receivers could not take advantage of the vast open spaces. A calamitous decision to attempt to run a punt by WR Ed Mamet sent the defence on to the field backed up against their own endzone. However they were able to hold firm and repel the brutish onslaught once more. A nice snag by Rookie WR Alex Wehrli was a highlight amidst a boatload of agonising drops that had touchdown written all over them. As three and outs were the flavour of the day, it became about which defence was going to crack.

Unfortunately the Centurions fell first, another run was stuffed at the line but the Running Back was not brought down despite multiple players getting hands on him. The Centurion’s Cornerback lost his outside contain which opened a clear path to the endzone for the Cougars. Their RB was a large man but once up to speed refused to go down. Content with their score, Teesside were happy to grind out the rest of the game as if it were a chew clock drill. York’s offence remained off rhythm for the remainder, the receivers could not figure out how to hold on to the ball and the Running Backs struggled to power through the front eight of the Cougars.

With time running out, York had to force a turnover to have any chance of levelling the score, Coach Claringbold sent the house at Teesside. Despite again getting hands on the running back, the outside contain broke down and they notched a score after a literally identical long run.

A heart breaking loss for the Centurions who missed the players that did not make the trip, good experience however for a number of the rookies that saw game time and hopefully a valuable lesson learned. The frustrations were apparent as the record became ugly, the Centurions need to regroup and right the wrongs that have cost them in both the last two games.

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