Game 2: Heriot Watt @ Centurions

York welcomed another set of Scottish opponents down to Fort 22 as Heriot Watt came to play ball. Relatively unknown as a team to the Centurions, the Scottish outfit started quickly and caught them off guard. They completed a long deep pass after some nifty footwork from their under pressure Quarterback. Some confusion in the coverage call for York allowed a man wide open in the endzone to catch the touchdown pass. Heriot Watt then ran their QB in to tack on the extra two points. Some elusive running from RB Kevwe Uwotu dragged York down field and into the redzone but they were unable to make that final push. Heriot Watt continued their blistering offensive start in a similar fashion, a few bruising runs followed by a well worked deep bomb. York found themselves 16-0 down and the Centurions defence were left reeling.

The Centurions Offence settled into the game and ignited the team with an electrifying pass from QB Theo Hewit to WR Max York, who turned on the after burners and took the ball home for the score. Two Heriot Watt players collided on the tackle attempt and one of them sustained a nasty looking ankle injury as a result. After the injury delay, York stayed true to tradition by failing to score their 2pt attempt.

The second half started with both teams trading punts. However backed up in their own redzone, Heriot Watt were spooked by a punt block stunt that allowed big DT Joe Atkinson to maraude down the middle unblocked. A dodgy long snap left the punter fearing for his life and in his attempt to escape Atkinson he stepped out the back of the endzone for a safety. Clearly enthused by this, the Centurions wedge clattered into the Heriot Watt kick off unit and bull dozed a huge hole for WR Yuki Shiroo to accelerate into and take the resultant kick back  all the way for another score. The two point attempt was, of course, no good.

Atkinson was not done for the day on special teams as he got a big hand on a later punt and blocked it to give the Centuirion offence great field position. It did not take long for Uwotu to get his name amongst the Touchdown scorers as he finished off the drive which was punctuated by the play fake trickery of Hewit. The Centurions picked up the two points this time after a run up the gut caught Heriot Watt totally off guard. The Defence could not hold this new found lead however as they were unable to pick up a number of consecutive stretch plays, Heriot Watt drove into the redzone. A pass once again flummoxed the Centurion’s Cornerback as Heriot Watt picked up the TD but a nice bat down stopped the two point attempt and left the scores level.

York had their chances to seal the game and had two extended drives that were halted due to careless turnovers. The Centurions thought they had set up the go ahead score as a pass was deflected into the hands of WR Ed Mamet but the euphoria of the huge gain turned to despair as he fumbled it upon being tackled and Heriot Watt recovered. Coach Claringbold was left collapsed in an exasperated pile having seen the ball come lose.

The game went to overtime. Heriot Watt got their play calling spot on and exploited the soft zones of the defence to notch up a quick score, Offence could not respond as the ball security issues continued to haunt them into crunch time. Ultimately the final play was a fumbled toss that Heriot Watt recovered to take the win.

A tough first loss of the season for the York Centurions in a game that was agonisingly winnable, there were at least a few positives to be taken away. Aside from some basic mental lapses that ultimately cost the team against a very well coached Heriot Watt side, the Centurions are finely poised to kick on and play some better football later in the season.

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