If you would like to make a donation to the club please contact and we will assist you in the process.

If you played with the York Centurions and wish to have a profile in our Alumni section please contact, we offer this with a suggested donation of £5 and all proceeds go to funding the website and club development.

The York Centurions are running a matched donation scheme with YuStart, if you would like to support the development please pledge at

The York Centurions would like to extend our thanks to those that have pledged to our cause:

Popps Coleman, Fred Isaac, Brian Christie, Yuki Shiroo, Clive Gray, Kerry Bowen-James, Liam Bittles, Alison Davies, Karen Berry, Caroline and Kevin Bates, Mark and Debbie Welsh, Roger Mitchell, Robert Woolerton, Jack Coppack, Harry Rackham, Stonegate Group,

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