Centurions @ Eagles – Match Report

York Centurions @ Manchester Met Eagles – Game 3 of the 2015/16 Season

The York Centurions suffered their first defeat of the season in an upset against the Manchester Met Eagles in the latter of their back to back to back meetings. After handing them a 0-34 loss the previous week, the Centurions stumbled to a 12-14 loss. The game started off in the right vein for the Centurions, who on their opening drive went down the field capped it off with a 12 yard rushing touchdown by Running Back Oloko. The failed two point conversion would come back to haunt the Centurions who at this point 6-0 up.

The York defence stepped up on Manchester first drive as Free Safety Stephen Bates snapped up a loose fumbled and advanced it all the way to the Manchester 4 yard line, the first time a Centurion had actually advanced a fumble in over 5 years. The very next play Oloko dived into the endzone to score again as the lead increased to 12-0. The Centurions again failed to convert the two point attempt. Both of these failures would have a major bearing on the end result. After both teams traded 4 and outs, Manchester used the short field to score and make it 12-6, however they also failed to convert the PAT.

On their next drive the Centurions fumbled the ball deep in their own territory after a muffed handoff which gave Eagles offence the ball in the Redzone. They didn’t waste any time and threw to a poorly covered hitch route and barrelled the ball into the Endzone. The the following play would decide the game. The PAT was initially wel blocked but it bounced straight back into the kickers hands, who proceeded to scramble around the edge after a few missed tackles and into the endzone. Plenty of deliberation followed but it was ruled a successful 2 point conversion much to the dismay of the Centurions the score was now 12-14 to the Manchester Met Eagles. After the half neither team managed to score again, both offences stalled repeatedly. York were left regretting a failure to convert any of their own two point conversions and failure to finish the play after initially blocking Manchester’s PAT. The playoff hopes took a massive dent, the large rookie core of Centurions took their first defeat and used it as a learning curve in the unforgiving world of competitive American Football.

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