Many years ago a group of sportsmen banded together and decided to give the University of York its first American Football team. Yorkshire had long embraced the sport of American football, but York could not claim to home a team a worthy of representing the beloved White Rose. In this opportunity the York Centurions were born and fast forward to the 2017/18 season and the team lives on, plying it’s trade in the BUCS Borders conference. With ambitions of glory and promotion forever present, the playoffs remain the promised land for the current crop of Centurions. As always, we look forward to welcoming and recruiting those with passion and skill into joining our club. We have a committed coaching staff with a wealth of experience in training players that are totally new to the game and do not even have a grasp of the rules. Experience in the sport is not needed, all that is required is enthusiasm, athleticism, and the willingness to join a brotherhood that is like none you have ever seen before.

Outside of the regular season, we play the Lancaster Bombers in our unique annual inter-university sport competition, Roses.
If you are interested in being part of the team as University Student player or as a Coach or in anyway find our details on the Contact Us tab

All approved York Centurions merchandise is available for purchase by via this link:



10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Do you have a youth team? We are looking to move to York and my 15yr old son is currently with a youth team and he would want to carry it on.
    Many thanks Beth

  2. Hello, I live in york and intrested in starting a team and wondering if you only accept people from york university and when your recruitment is?

  3. Hello, I’m an American going to the University of York next fall. I was curious about what athletic ability you guys expect? I’m interested in playing.

    • Hello, we have had American Students play in our team before and have a couple currently – we love to have you as part of our team, we ave players that have never played the game before University all the way through to players that played many seasons

  4. hi im from around here and was wondering if it is possible to get a look in on what you do as ive always wanted to join a team and just turned 18

  5. Hi! I’m living in the Goodricke College as a partner of a student but I’m not part of York uni myself.

    Would I be eligible?

    Thanks in advance.

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